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FOCUS ON FEISOL Photos Open Audition

Activity terms and conditions
1) Snap FEIFOL products photographs to enter the competition.
2) To attend: Email your best “FEISOL PRODUCT” photo and contact details to .
3) Photo theme: Must have FEISOL products in any photo background. (indoor/outdoor)

Award: The winner may choose the following rewards
1) 50% discount for purchasing a set of FEISOL tripod and accessories, or
2) A Free set of TT-15 and CB-30D Ballhead

1) 10 excellent winners will be advised via email, no further notice for unselected participants.
2) Photographs must be taken by oneself.
3) FEISOL holds the right to use, publicity, website erection, etc. purpose for the selected photographs.


FEISOL is a carbon fiber tripod designer and manufacturer who is specialize in carbon fiber camera support system production. We first entered the tripod, monopod and accessories business in 2002, and have offered many popular tripod & monopod models throughout the past years.

The original meaning of FEISOL is flying to sun.  At FEISOL, our vision is to become the world leader in camera support system solutions, and help our customers to catch the fantastic images of their vision and imagination. Our current objective is to offer our fellow photographers super sturdy and user friendly tripods using cutting edge technology and innovative carbon fiber materials at reasonable prices.
FEISOL’s carbon fiber tripods and accessories is a perfect result of great strength, super light weight, and versatile functionality. These features and prices make FEISOL products head-to-head with the best tripods in the world.
We are committed to product quality and service.  If there's any question or comment regarding our products, please kindly let us know, and we look forward to provide better products and service in the future.