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Rapid version ---- With Anti-Rotation leg system.

 FEISOL is committed to using cutting edge technology and innovative carbon fiber to develop variety of tripods and high quality materials and fine control head that represent FEISOL products.
Rapid version ---- With Anti-Rotation leg system.
Rapid version ---- With Anti-Rotation leg system.

Lightest Large Tripod

CT-3372LV Ⅱ/ CT-3472LV Ⅱ>>
CT-3372LV L

CT-3372 Ⅱ / CT-3472 Ⅱ >>


CM-1471 >>

CM-1401 >>

Large Tripod

CT-3371 >>

CT-3471 >>

Tournament Class

CT-3342 >>

CT-3442 >>

Traveler Tripod

CT-3441S >> / CT-3441SB >>

CT-3441T >> / CT-3332 >>




Standard Class

CT-3401>> / CT-3301>>


Table Tripod

TT-15 >>

TT-15B >>

Ballhead   Quick Release Clamp and Quick Release Plate
Ball diameter 70mm CB-70D >>

This clamp can be used on any tripod/monopod with either 3/8" or 1/4" size screw or any mount without build-in quick release mechanism. Our safety features can prevent camera/lens from falling off accidentally...... more >>

Ball diameter 60mm CB-60D >>
Ball diameter 50mm

CB-50D >> / CB-50DC

CB-50DL >>

Ball diameter 40mm CB- 40D >>
Ball diameter 30mm CB-30D >> / CB-30C >>

Panning Base   Horizontal Adapter for Panning Base


PB-70 Panning Base ,Base Diameter : 70mm, 3/8" screw...... more >>

PB-70 Horizontal Adapter Kit / PB-70 Horizontal Adapter


PB-90 Panning Base ,Base Diameter : 90mm, 3/8" screw.........more >>

PB-90 Horizontal Adapter Kit / PB-90 Horizontal Adapter

Video Head   Horizontal Adapter for Video Head


Carrying the FEISOL tradition with delicacy, we are now introducing a brand new video head VH-40 to our product line...... more>>


VH-40HA Kit / VH-40HA


This brand new video head is the best choice for those who own large equipment and want for more stability...... more >>

VH-60HA Kit / VH-60HA

Center Column   Leveling Base
Long Center Column    
Short Center Column  

Carbon Fiber U-Head   Photocart

UA-180 Carbon Fiber U-Head

The unique U-Head carbon fiber body is a one piece design. By using the most advanced carbon fiber manufacturing technology, the structure is not only light but also strong and rigid......more >>

A revolutionary photographic handcart was launched! Our FEISOL handcart is such a breakthrough which combines the convenience of a regular handcart with the supporting function of a tripod......... more >>

UA-180RC Carbon Fiber U-Head

This RC U-Head is controlled by a remote controller, and can be used on ecological photography...... more>>

Bike Mount   Tripod Bags

Feisol Co. has developed a photographic camera bracket for mounting camera on the bicycle handle bar. With this new innovation, the bikers can enjoy scenery riding, and taking pictures from his bicycle......
more >>

The tripod bag is newly designed, and can be hand/shoulder carried. It has a compartment for small accessories. The bag is also padded with...... more >>

Stainless Steel Spike ,Aluminum Spike...... more >>    


Underwater Photo Equipments

Double Ball Arm

  Light Holder
The float arm is made of carbon fiber, light but strong, with matte finishing, and the metal part is CNC ......more>>

This light holder is included with a protector which can... more >>

Camera Tray   Accessories
It is a mount for the camera and housing. The handle(s)...... more >> more >>