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The following manual applies to all FEISOL Ballheads


(1) Friction Control Knob

(2) Ball Head Lock / Release Knob

(3) Panning Base Lock Knob (Except CB-30C)

(4) Quick Release Lock Knob

(5) Safety Lock

(6) Safety Button

A. Panning Base
For optimal use of the Panning Base Function, turn the Panning Base Lock Knob (3) only slightly. Opening the Lock knob too far may cause instability. To make possible precise adjustments, FEISOL Ball Head feature a graded scale at the bottom of the Panning Base.

B. Friction Control
Friction is set by adjusting the Friction Control Knob (1). In order to select the desired degree of friction, the Ball Head Lock/Release Knob (2) must first be turned to its fully locked position. Next, friction can be adjusted by turning the Friction Control Knob (1) toward the (+) – more friction, or toward the (-) – less friction.
One the ideal friction level has been set, the Ball Head can be operated by turning the Ball Head Lock (2). It should not be necessary to make additional adjustments to the Friction Control Knob (1), unless a different degree of friction needs to be set.

C. Quick Release Clamp
he Quick Release Clamps of all FEISOL Ball Head are Arca-Swiss compatible, thus making it possible to use different brands of Arca-Swiss compatible Quick Release Plates with FEISOL Ball Head.
To insert a Quick Release Plate in the clamp, it has to first be opened by turning the Quick Release Lock Knob (4). Now it is possible to slide in the Plate which has been attached to the bottom of your camera.
There is a safety lock (5), designed to keep your camera from accidentally sliding out of the clamp. To disengage the safety lock (5), the small spring-loaded safety button (6) at the side of the clamp has to be pressed. Now, the camera can be slid in or out of the clamp.

Disabling the safety lock (5) can result in severe damage to your camera equipment.
No tools are needed for operating any of these knobs. Use of tools may cause damage and void the warranty.
Do not carry your tripod and Ballhead with a camera / lens attached. All Ballheads are designed to work only stationary.